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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

However you like your morning coffee it is reassuring to know that it is actually good for you, and a great way to kick start the day!

Fat Coffee

When following a keto lifestyle ‘fat coffee’ or ‘bullet proof coffee’ is a way of accelerating fat burning before ‘breaking the fast’ with the first meal of the day around noon.

My Fat Coffee

1 long black (double shot expresso with 250 ml hot water)

25 grams grass-fed unsalted butter

1 Tbsp organic coconut oil


Pour the boiling water over the butter and coconut oil and stir until melted

Add the double expresso

Mini milk frother

Blitz with a mini Milk Frother until frothy (ranging in price from NZ $4-$30 online)


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At BEing we understand that our nutritional needs are unique to each of us. Fresh whole foods are the basis of how we eat, every day. The details rely on us listening our body and its responses to the food we eat, and to moderate accordingly.

All BEing recipes follow the principles of gluten free, grain free, paleo and keto eating. We believe that good food promotes good health and is a cornerstone to a happy life.

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Lisa Whiteman

Lisa Whiteman is founder and leader of the Resonance Group and is committed to making a difference in the world. Lisa believes we can all make a difference by ensuring our ethics and principles are at the very heart of everything we do, every day.

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