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Lamb Fillet Salad on Roast Butternut

Lamb Fillet Salad on Roast Butternut


lamb with mash and squash

Butternut is such a delicious and versatile pumpkin and in this dish I have simply sliced it in into rounds about three centimetres thick, and roasted in coconut oil until golden.

The lamb can be either fillets or small rumps, whichever is available and preferred. I like to toss the lamb with a mix of sea salt and Cajun spice mix before searing in coconut oil, in a hot pan until golden but pink in the middle. Rest the lamb for five minutes on a warm plate then slice as desired.

To assemble

Place a butternut round on each plate, top with the lamb slices and scatter with fresh wild rocket leaves.

Drizzle with quality olive oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Mash option

An option I enjoy is to boil cubed celeriac and two parsnip or kumara, until cooked. Mash with quality grass fed butter and pile on top of the butternut before adding the lamb and greens.



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