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Agile Entrepreneur

I am an experienced entrepreneur who has grown start-ups, turned around failing businesses, bought and sold businesses, mentored business owners, employed staff, and worked from the coal face of health care to the boardroom of private sector education.

I believe in great leadership. Great leadership is a commitment, a never-ending journey of learning, backsteps, forward leaps and sideways moves. Great leadership means being on your game every day, it gets under you skin and defines who you are.

Dynamic Leader

Great leaders know their ‘super-powers’, they know their weaknesses. They harness the talents of their team to smooth their rough edges. They build leadership in others, through the depth and breadth of the organisation. They do the same with every interaction they make. It is who they are.

Leadership is a role that I have always taken seriously, and I believe in leading by example, which has ensured continued learning and self-improvement. I am a lifetime student of Non-Violent Communication and believe in the power of communication, the power of connection; and the power of relationships, in business and in life.

Passionate Mentor

Over the years I have built numerous relationships in my professional, and business communities, and am an invited speaker, trainer and facilitator. I have been engaged to build and deliver training programmes, written content extensively, produced digital learning platforms, facilitated multiple workshops through New Zealand and Australia, and have presented keynote addresses.

“Lisa has helped me immeasurably with the development of my business: by constantly challenging me to think big, by coaching me through self-limiting beliefs and by helping me to tease out my “why” to a much deeper level than ever before.”

Rebecca Tasker, Positively Together

I believe in teaching as the best way to mastery, and that we teach best what we most need to learn. Teaching has always been a cornerstone of my career.

I am a skilled distiller of technical literature and can cross the boundary of academia to create meaningful learning opportunities for all walks of life. I can quickly absorb information across a vast range of topics and levels of complexity and pull out the relevant learning to fit the current need or situation.

Game Changer

Having been self-employed and a business owner my entire adult life, I have gathered an immense array of skills along the way. Business enterprises including sole trader to Limited Companies; Franchise ownership to Limited Partnership; all requiring a new skill set to be developed, a new set of rules and regulations to be understood, and a new direction for my business interests to move. Now with a large organisation under my leadership I still enjoy the challenge of creating business that disrupts the status quo and lifts an organisation to new heights.

Giving back and paying it forward

No life is completely fulfilled without a heart project or two, a way of giving back and feeding gratitude through the world. Whether this is the daily opportunities to help someone in need, offer thanks, an email or blog to support or inspire, or to start something bigger than yourself. At this point in time I have several projects that I am committed to and which resonate deeply with me.

“If you want to harness your potential to achieve your dreams, get in touch and let’s have a conversation!”

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