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Bex Tasker

Bex Tasker

Bex Tasker is a self-confessed “behaviour nerd”. Her passion is behavioural science, and particularly the application of positive reinforcement.  Bex believes that having a better understanding of the reasons behind why people do what they do and how we can effectively and respectfully influence and motivate others, impacts widely on the quality of all our relationships, in every sphere of life. 

Bex has a Masters degree in Intelligence Analysis (basically this is a whole lot of research and qualitative analysis, a good dollop of psychology, with an underpinning of scientific method).  She has also studied extensively with some of the world’s best animal trainers – the laws of learning apply to all species, and this includes the human animal.

Having spent many years working in senior roles in government departments and large corporates, she is experienced in the application of this knowledge with peers, stakeholders and executives. These days within her own business, ‘Positively Together’, she is fully immersed in teaching humans of all ages how to inspire behaviour change in animals, with an emphasis on compassion and quality communication.  By practicing these skills with their pets, clients find that the benefits of this daily practice naturally spill over into their wider lives and their interactions with other humans, improving quality of life and enhancing relationships with others.

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Lisa Whiteman

Lisa Whiteman is founder and leader of the Resonance Group and is committed to making a difference in the world. Lisa believes we can all make a difference by ensuring our ethics and principles are at the very heart of everything we do, every day.

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