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Chris Desmond- Founder and Host of “Uncomfortable is OK”

Chris Desmond- Founder and Host of “Uncomfortable is OK”

Chris Desmond works with organisations and individuals to help them get better at overcoming the uncomfortable so they can take the hard options and open up exciting possibility.

He is the host of the “Uncomfortable is OK” podcast which has published over 200 episodes and counting. It explores the science, stories, and strategies of stepping out of your comfort zone to take on challenges and do the hard stuff. He has interviewed CEO’s, Olympic Gold Medalists, New York Times best selling authors, Business Consultants, Start-up Founders, Professional Explorers, Behavioural Analysts, Psychologists, Athletes, Actors, Musicians, and Mums.

Chris has 13 years experience as a physiotherapist helping individuals achieve their physical goals. The key principle is to ensure that everything is tailored to the individual and is able to be applied in the context of their situation. He holds a Masters of Management in Enterprise Development and has spent 5 years growing business and running teams.

Read Chris’s BEing blog about Failure here.

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