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Warm Beetroot and Feta Salad

Warm Beetroot and Feta Salad


Cook one to two whole beetroot by wrapping them securely in foil and baking on a tray in the oven for approximately one hour at 200 deg C.

Once cooked and soft, unwrap and leave to cool in a bowl.

The skin will slip off easily once cooled. Cut into cubes.

Heat a medium fry pan or wok and add a TBSP of coconut, or other high quality oil.

Add a couple of large handfuls of fresh kale, whole or chopped depending on preference, and toss quickly. Once starting to wilt, add the diced beetroot, and crumbled feta, toss together and remove from the heat.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on its own or with your favourite protein.


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