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BEing Journal – Upside Down World

BEing Journal – Upside Down World

We have just passed the shortest day of 2020, here in the Southern Hemisphere. Today is cool and crisp, the air fresh and clear, the sky bright blue.

The first half of this year has seen such worldwide drama on a scale I have certainly never seen before in my life. There is a sense of having woken up from a dream to find yourself in a strange world. It’s as if the contents of reality have been upended, shaken out and are now lying without any semblance of order, on the ground. It’s all quite topsy-turvy, reminiscent of a twilight zone; structure and certainty, replaced with chaos.

We don’t like chaos, no living creature does. It makes us uncomfortable and unsettled. It feels out of control, worrying, tense and above all there is a feeling of loss, of grief. I can certainly say that these emotions have been my fairly constant bedfellows over the past few months, and in this, I know I am not alone.

This is a time where well-honed and practised skills of the mind will serve every one of us as we navigate uncertainty and loss. I have written previously on the topics of pressure here and here, as well as on strategies for surviving stress, building resilience and coming out the other side of this stronger here and here.

Tree with orange leaves grows on a stone slope of a cliff. Overcoming difficulties and survival under difficult conditions.

At no other time has it been more important to have your thinking brain (left brain/system 2 brain) operating at its optimum. Questioning, seeking to understand, making good decisions, pivoting where necessary, planning, and them re planning, and being a good role model for those around you. These things are important. Keeping you head, when others are losing theirs!

How we chose to respond to our current situation is just that – it is a choice. Ultimately it is our choices that determine our future.

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice.

Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice.

Whatever choice you make, makes you. Choose wisely.”

              -Roy T. Bennett author of The Light in the Heart


Lisa x

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Lisa Whiteman

Lisa Whiteman is founder and leader of the Resonance Group and is committed to making a difference in the world. Lisa believes we can all make a difference by ensuring our ethics and principles are at the very heart of everything we do, every day.

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